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Welcome to Cube for Teachers!

Unique, innovative, and truly cutting-edge, Cube for Teachers is an interactive database created exclusively for you, the Canadian K-12 educator. With its simple and user-friendly design, The Cube is progressively changing the way you store, share and search for your teaching resources.

As an educator, you have likely spent valuable time seeking effective teaching resources on the web. The issue, however, is the amount of effort that goes into attaining just one of those teaching resources. Cube for Teachers realizes that due to time constraints and the need for differentiated instruction, a more efficient method for accessing and storing teaching resources is long overdue.

With Cube for Teachers, educators no longer have to sift through bookmarks, social media pages or notes when searching for internet resources. The database is organized according to the Ontario Curriculum and its powerful search engine allows teachers to search by grade, subject, strand and expectation.

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Create Your Own Professional Learning Networks

Now, any teacher within Cube for Teachers can form private groups and invite other Cube members to participate. Using a powerful search engine, teachers can search for specific resources and share them with other teachers in their group. There is also a separate private platform for ongoing discussions. Your groups, your way!

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Latest News

November 1, 2015

Stay tuned! Cube for Teachers is taking collaboration to the next level.

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Teacher Testimonials

"What would normally have taken me an evening to find is now in my hands in minutes."


"I can only imagine this database in a few months!"


"We've been waiting for something like this for such a long time. Way to go Cube!"

Helen, HDSB ON

"Truly, a "one stop shop" for educators. Thanks!"


"I like the fact that we can contribute links as well."


"I love the organization of your search returns. Hello educational search engine, good-bye cluttered folders!"

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